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Glen Lyon Lodge

Vail, CO

5 BR /4 BA

GS Property ID: 17445

Glen Lyon Lodge

Vail, CO

5 BR /4 BA

GS Property ID: 17445


Driving directions

1462 Greenhill Court, Vail co Door code - 8320 Garage Door code - 9843 To make your stay as enjoyable as possible, please review the following info- Directions from Denver International Airport- 1. Start out going NORTH on PENA BLVD. (0.22 miles) 2. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT toward TERMINAL EAST. (1.91 miles) 3. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto PENA BLVD. (9.73 miles) 4. Merge onto I-70 W via the exit on the LEFT. (108.94 miles) 5. Take EXIT 176 to enter VAIL. (0.21 miles) 6. Enter roundabout and go under I-70, take RIGHT onto South Frontage Road. Go past Lionshead and strip mall. 7. Turn LEFT at Cascade Village sign. Turn RIGHT. Go past hotel. Go across stream and up the hill. 8. Turn left into property – 1462-1464 Greenhill Court. Park in garage on left side of duplex. Total Estimated Time: 2 hours, 7 minutes Total Distance: 123.08 miles Direction from Eagle/ Vail Airport- 1. Start out going NORTHWEST on N AIRPORT RD toward US-6. (0.13 miles) 2. Turn RIGHT onto US-6. (5.21 miles) 3. Enter next roundabout and take 3rd exit onto EBY CREEK RD. (0.31 miles) 4. Merge onto I-70 E toward DENVER. (26.48 miles) 5. Take EXIT 173 to enter VAIL/W ENTRANCE. (0.17 miles) 6. Enter roundabout and go STRAIGHT through to South Frontage Road. 7. Turn RIGHT at Cascade Village sign. 8. Turn RIGHT. Go past hotel. 9. Go across bridge and up the hill. 10. Turn LEFT into property – 1462-1464 Greenhill Court. 11. Park in garage on left side of duplex. Total Estimated Time: 35 minutes Total Distance: 33.48 miles Keys/Access Codes- KEY- The code for the lock on the front door is "8-3-2-0”. IF the deadbolt is not locked, the door will open. If the deadbolt is still locked, turn around and find the lock box nailed to the post behind you. Punch in the same code and the front of the box will fall forward revealing one key. Use this key to unlock the deadbolt. This key also opens the door between the house and the garage. The Garage Access Code to raise/lower the right garage door is "9-8-4-3-enter". When you get inside the house, go up the stairs, turn right into the master bedroom, and open the right hand drawer in the dresser right beside the doorway. There is a brown binder in the living room with information about the house, the appliances, Vail, and suggested restaurants. Parking- You can park in the garage or the driveway – be sure not to block the neighbor’s drive way. Also please do not leave the garage doors open for any length of time. Driveway Snow Removal- We use a snow removal company. The truck will remove the snow any time we have over 4 inches of snow. Internet and Phone- Wireless Internet access is available in the home via an wireless network. Name and codes are in a picture frame on the desk in the loft. Please give your family and friends your own cell phone to contact you. There is no landline phone in our home. Toiletries- We supply the initial personal size shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, body wash and lotion, if you have not purchased any daily service these supplies will not be replenished during your stay. Ski-Equipment and Shoes- There are no boots, skis or other equipment allowed inside the home. Please leave all such items in the garage. Also please REMOVE ALL shoes in the mudroom at the garage level. Heating Systems - Because of the addition and remodel in 2013, we now have 3 different heating systems in our home. The main heating system is electrical heating panels in the ceiling. The 2 new bathrooms have electrical heating systems in the floor as does the one upstairs bedroom. The new bedroom on the first floor has electrical baseboard heat. The new programmable thermostats have been set to default back to 60 degrees 4 times a day---at 6am, 10am, 5pm, and 10pm. Anytime you are in our home, please override the thermostat to whatever temperature is comfortable for you. Please do not reset the program. The non programmable thermostats can be set to whatever temperature you desire, but we find that the heat from the first floor rises to the second floor, so very little heat is required on the second floor. Television- The home receives a basic cable package. There is a DVD player located under the Comcast box. To turn on the TV, press “All On” with the Comcast remote. That should turn on both the TV and the Comcast box. If it does not, press “Power” on the Comcast box. Be sure both the TV and the box go off when you turn off the TV. Changing TV stations requires 3 numbers (i.e. - 001 to 002). Hot-Tub- The hot tub is set at a regular temperature of 104 degrees all the time. You can adjust the temperature down if you prefer. When you are in the tub, you can push the buttons for the "jets". There are 6 levels of jets. The final 6th level turns them off. Please turn off the jets and replace the cover whenever you leave the tub. The hot tub maintenance company comes in once a week, usually on Tuesdays, to clean the tub. They have a key and will just walk in the door. Please read the spa instruction sheet posted by the door to the hot tub. Trash- Trash pick-up is on Tuesdays. The home has shed service, no need to take the trash out the trash service comes into the garage.  Smoking- Our home is a NO SMOKING home. Please refrain from smoking anywhere inside the home! If you smoke out on the decks, please put all cigarette butts in a metal can and dispose of them in the trash. It is extremely rude to leave cigarette butts on the ground anywhere around our home. Laundry- There is a washer and dryer in the laundry room on the garage level. Please note that these are normal capacity machines, and you should plan your loads accordingly. Pets- Sorry, but pets are NOT welcome. Departure- When it's time for you to depart, please be sure that you have 1) put the extra set of keys and the garage door opener back into the correct drawer in the master bedroom, 2) leave all used towels on the restroom floors, 3) leave all used beds unmade. 4) turn all programmable thermostats down to 60 degrees, 5) if you opened any windows, please close and lock them, and 6) please lock all exterior doors. If you have any time to start any loads of laundry, the cleaning people would really appreciate it. They find all the laundry the hardest part of the job to complete. Contact- In case of emergency, please contact Rob at Rent Vail 1-866-823-7368. Dial "911" for any life threatening emergencies. We certainly hope you enjoy your stay in Vail! Sincerely, Rent Vail Direct – 303-740-2288 Toll Free Office 1-866-823-7368

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Glen Lyon Lodge | 5 Bedroom Vail Vacation Home Near Lift #20


Embrace the serene beauty of your surroundings with the scenic open-air windows, inviting you to immerse yourself in the majestic mountain vistas that surround this charming home. Step outside onto the expansive deck and indulge in relaxation as you soak away your cares in the soothing hot tub, all while taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Inside, the inviting rock fireplace beckons, creating a cozy ambiance perfect for evenings spent gathered with loved ones. With flat screen TVs scattered throughout, entertainment is always at your fingertips, whether you're enjoying a movie night or catching up on your favorite shows. Situated near the Cascade Village Lift 20 at Vail Mountain, and just a stone's throw away from Lionshead Village, this home offers unparalleled access to all the excitement and adventure that Vail has to offer. Enjoy easy access to the Cascade Village Hotel, where you can take advantage of additional amenities and services during your stay. In the summer months, the fun doesn't end when the snow melts away. Attend all the vibrant concerts and festivals that Vail and Lionshead have to offer, with convenient access made possible by the bike and walking path along Gore Creek. Whether you're seeking outdoor adventures on the slopes or leisurely exploration of the charming villages, this home offers the perfect base for your Vail getaway, promising unforgettable memories and endless opportunities for relaxation and fun. License Number: STL000273  Nearby  Attractions Chairlifts Nearby: Cascade Village Lift: 0.4 mi Eagle Bahn Gondola: 1.3 mi Born Free Express Lift: 1.3 mi   Golf Courses Nearby: Vail Golf Club: 3.7 mi Eagle-Vail Golf Club:  7.2 mi Beaver Creek Golf Club:  11.1 mi

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This rental home has plenty of room for family and friends, a fully equipped kitchen and even a small upstairs office space.

Unique benefits

These additional options are available for a fee: Mid Stay Clean Early Check In (off season only) Late Check Out (off season only)       Crib Rental Inflatable Bed Pack N Play

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Property Type
  • House
Bed & Bath
Kitchen & Dining
Access & Safety


Cancellation Policy


  • Free cancellations within 24 hours of booking for reservations made outside of 60 days.
  • A $250 per unit handling fee will be charged on cancellations made more than 60 days prior to arrival. 
  • 100% of the total rental funds received are non-refundable on cancellations made less than 60 days prior to arrival.
  • Partial or pro-rated refunds ARE NOT available in cases of weather, lack of snow, poor skiing conditions, health issues or transportation delays. We strongly recommend you obtain "travelers' insurance." Contact us prior to or on the final payment to purchase travelers insurance. 
  • A full or partial refund may be granted at the sole discretion of RentVail based on recovery of lost rents through re-booking.
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